Open Positions for '23-24 School Year

Executive Board 

All officers have decided to run again for their second term, except VP of Membership. Kelli Cain has done amazing work, but has reached her two year term limit on the Executive Board.

According to the by-laws, we have to have an election every year, and all nominations will come from the floor for a vote.

The following officers are volunteering to return to their positions on the board:
President - Brian Kelly
VP Programs - Holli Hance
VP Fundraising - Sara Holland
Secretary - Amanda Dickson
Treasurer - Angie Smith

The Regular Membership Meeting to elect the officers for next school year is:

Wednesday, April 12th, at 6:00 p.m.

Uncle Mike's Bistro

144 Old Town Blvd N, Argyle, TX

The following are open - 

 VP of Membership

Standing Committee Chairs - Board Voting Positions

Publicity/Website Committee Chair

1. This committee shall be composed of a chair and two additional members, if needed.

2. The chair shall:
a. Send out general meeting notices and notify members of special activities.
b. Monitor and update Hilltop PTA website

Other duties include collecting/developing graphics, managing our Facebook page, timing posts for the most reach, and spreading the message of Hilltop PTA to the community. The website will reflect the current updates from the newsletter and Facebook page.

Present a written summary of all PTA's events, programs and significant information at the annual meeting. 

Volunteer Committee Chair

1. This committee shall be composed of a chair two additional members, if needed.

2. The chair shall secure and manage the use of volunteers for the school.

Recruit volunteers, develop advertising strategy with Publicity/Website Chair. Create and manage volunteer sign up forms and distribute volunteer lists to event leads/chairs. Approximate Time commitment - August/September - 5 hours each, rest of school year 2 hours each month.

Non-Voting Position

Yearbook Coordinator
Coordinate advertising the yearbook for sale with the school, develop and create each page, import the school pictures into the yearbook, create a fun theme, create and manage the Yearbook Cover Art Contest, collect photographs, reviewing the contract, and creating the final draft for publisher. More than one can work on this!

More open volunteer positions for specific programs and activities will be announced after the election of our PTA officers.

If you are interested in any of the above open positions, please email Carli Odle at